It’s Christmas! When is a better time to stock up on the essential supplies, if you’re going to spend 2017 hopping from plane to plane. Skip the travel socks this year, here’s stuff that will actually delight most hard-core travellers.


Satechi Travel Router
This power adapter lets you convert to all the major plugs out there, has two slots for USB charging and can even turn into a router. Because when you get into the hotel, chances are you’ll have more than one electronic device that needs a little bit of Internet juice.


Kindle Paperwhite
Books are really, really heavy. Send everything—from light reading to guidebooks—to a Kindle Paperwhite instead. An added bonus is it’s possible to buy any English-language book from the Amazon store at any time, whether you’re in Brazil or Japan. Very efficient!


Vapur Eclipse Collapsible Water Bottle Staying hydrated is essential! Cut down on space with the Vapur Eclipse, which can be rolled up and stowed away until you need to fill it up. Great for yoga, the bus ride or the Andes.

LifeStraw Go Water Bottle LifeStraw is best known for its advanced filtering technology, which will get rid of 99.9% of waterborne protozoan parasites and bacteria. These filters are regularly sent to third-world countries for aid. In the water bottle, Lifestraw implements the same technology into a portable container, making it a great option for places and countries where water quality may be questionable. This isn’t just filtering, it’s advanced filtering.

PackTowl Ultralite Travel Towel (Extra Large) Step it up a notch with travel towels that dry effortlessly in hours and take up less space than your T-shirt.

True Utility CashStash This basically allows travelers a safe place to store some backup cash in an inconspicuous spot. There are some other inventive uses without having to buy a CashStash, per se, but for something that fits the smallest budget without being too cheap, this fits the bill.


Mobile Foodie Survival Kit Personally, I don’t like eating out all the time. The Mobile Foodie Survival Kit is for the serious gourmand and is perfect for vacation rentals, extended trips or even just cooking at another friend’s house. Need some oregano and cumin on the fly? No problem.


AeroPress Travel Kit Coffee snob? A great travel gadget for the caffeine-addicted. The only downside is that there are more moving parts than preferable but the upside is some truly spectacular coffee.

Bodum Stainless Steel Travel French Press This is the better two-piece option for less discerning coffee drinkers for $20 less.


Luckies of London Scratch Map Maps are a dime a dozen but the Luckies of London is a scratch-off map is something you can truly make your own. Scratch off where you’ve been—either by country or region—like a lotto ticket to reveal a burst of color underneath.


Carry On Cocktail Kit Drink snobs should drink up. This cocktail kit describes exactly what it does: it’s a toolkit for boozing it up. It’s actually not the greatest gadget on the planet but it is definitely the perfect gadget for adding a little bit of spice to the holidays… and your plane flight.