1. Go to work. If you phone in sick, even if your heads in the toilet, work is guaranteed to think you’ve got a case of Skiverlitis.

2. Ignore the sarcastic pleas for Santa Baby. You did Kylie Minogue proud, we’re sure!

3.  Do not look at that phone for a couple of days, there’s nothing on there that’s going preserve your dignity right now. Give it a couple of days!

4. Smile (but don’t wink back) when a guy you’ve never seen before winks at you across the office – he was probably your best friend a few hours ago.

5. Try and remember embarrassing things other members of staff did and bring that up when the heats on you.

6. Leave the sunglasses at home. No matter how hideous you feel, you’re not a celebrity and it’s December in the UK! You’re just hung-over at your desk – and so is everyone else!

7. Plan your bathroom escape route. Your desk mates don’t want to see last night’s concoction of sambuca and salmon vol-au-vents…

8. Check your reflection before you leave the house. While you may think having ‘I love One Direction’ written in glitter on your forehead is pretty cool, your important 4 o’clock client might not agree.

9. Turn off the Christmas tunes. Music can bring back PTSD. The morning after is not the time to deal with this!

10. Dress for hangover comfort. (That said, your slanket does not qualify as ‘appropriate office attire’.)