Its February 20th which means its only 308 days until Christmas….. Scary!

We have some top party planning tips for you to make sure you have an office Christmas you’ll remember (or not 😉 ) for the right reasons!


Use an agency – we do all the hard work for you. Simply send us your enquiry with the venues you like the look of and what sort of night you are looking for and we do the donkey work! one we have found you some options, we send you a proposal and you just pick which one you want to book. Simples! And its FREE.


Get your enquiry in early for the obvious reason of not missing out on the best deals and venues.


Be clear on budget – Unfortunately a £25 per person budget isn’t going to get you an Arrival Drink, 3 Course Meal, DJ/Disco and fancy decorations on a Thursday, Friday or Saturday night in December. If you want a great venue with a great atmosphere you need to aim for the £35.00 per hear mark. Obviously if you do have a tight budget then look back to tip #2 – booking early can result in discounts or early bird offers, getting you more bang for your buck. Alternatively most venues will offer lunchtime packages or discounted nights which are cheaper.


Make decisions promptly – there is nothing worse than enquiring with a load of venues, then taking ages to make a final decision, only to find out that the venue you really want to go to has sold out.


If your booking a private party for large groups, think about the added extras that really help make a Christmas party great. Things like Photobooths, Table Side Magicians, Casino Tables and even having a theme will keep people interested and excited rather than everyone propping up the bar all night!